Download Latest Version of Firetube APK 1.4.13

Firetube Apk is an android app developed by PalmerinTech which can play music directly from YouTube in the background even screen is turned off. Back in the old days, Youtube allowed us to play videos white screen turned off, but now they fixed it. This Firetube APK solves all these problems allowing you to use YouTube as a cloud music player similar to Spotify or Deezer.

Firetube APK is a straightforward app, and it allows you to create your playlists and listen to music with less Mobile/Wifi data usage. You can also import your youtube playlists to the app. This app is an Unlimited music player just like Spotify, and it's completely free.

Firetube app has been removed from Google play store due to copyright issues but PalmerinTech developers still developing the app to up to date. By far this is the best youtube player for me among other alternatives. This app allows users to play and listen to music efficiently.

You can get this application on your smartphone by downloading and installing FireTube v1.4.13 APK on your smartphone here now. This app not only focused on music videos. you can play any video using firetube

Firetube v1.4.13 Features

  • Listen to unlimited music from YouTube
Think about it. Youtube is one of the largest free music provider. You can find almost every song in the entire world for free of charge. Firetube app allows to convert it as a cloud music player.

  • Play songs on the background while the screen is turned off
As we mentioned earlier, the biggest issue on youtube was unable to play music or videos on background. The main purpose of firetube app this allowing that.

  • Create song playlists as you want
 You can select youtube videos and create your own playlists on firetube. So you will not miss your favorite songs again

  • Sync and edit playlists
This app allows syncing your youtube playlists to it. If your google/youtube account contains your favorite playlist, then you can synchronize it to firetube app

  • Switch between video mode and music mode
Not only you can listen to music. You also can play youtube videos. that's a nice feature too

  • Manage and edit song queue
You can set up your own song queue and manage the order of it

  • Able to change quality to save mobile data
Basically, this app won't load the youtube video, so you can save a lot of mobile/wifi data while listening to music

  • Import playlists from YouTube
Since this app isn't available on google playstore, you won't be able to get updates automatically. So you can bookmark our site and get latest updates quickly.

Firetube Apk Requirements

  • Android Operating System
  • Minimum Android version Android 4.1 or above
  • Enough space for cache files.
  • Good internet connection to stream from YouTube

This app is available in English and a total of 14 other languages. If you are unable to install this app, please enable unknown sources from your Android settings. or follow our installation guide

If you have any other problem with this app, you can simply contact developers using this email Also, you can help them to translate this app to your language is it isn't available.

Firetube Alternatives

Let's see some alternative apps if you have any problem with using firetube APK.

YouTube Vanced 

Youtube Vanced is a Modded version of the official Youtube app. It's already ad-free, so you don't need to put adblockers or skip ads. The main improvement of this app is this allows playing videos on the background just like Firetube. You can still sign in to your Youtube account using this app, but you can't download any videos using Youtube Vanced.

This app also not available on youtube. So you will need Youtube Vanced APK file and MicroG Mod to sign in to your youtube account.

Newpipe is one of the best alternatives for Firetube. It's an ad-free app, and you can download music without even using a google account. It just takes information from youtube website itself. This app also supports to play youtube videos while the screen is turned off. Using this app, you can force it to choose video quality and download or play from it.

You can download this app from f-droid using this link. This app is also not available on google playstore so keep that in mind

TubeMate App allows you to download videos in any format and keep them. Due to this copyright violation, this app is also not available on google play store. But you can found it from sites like APK Mirror.

This TubeMate app can download almost any app on the youtube, and you can keep the videos even the app is uninstalled.

Tubeextream app allows you to watch youtube videos while using other apps. This app is the same as those apps we mentioned above. But this app is only available for IOS, and it's not free. You can get this app from the apple app store for about 3$.


There are a lot of alternative apps for the stock YouTube app Because they are not allowing us to play videos while doing another work or while the screen is turned off. From these apps, i found Firetube app is more special because it allows you to play music while the screen is turned off, not the video. Because of this, it saves a lot of mobile or WIFI data. The only problem with it is, it's not available for IOS devices. So they need to look for an alternative.

This website is just a promotional website for firetube APK. All credit and copyrights goes to PalmerinTech developers.